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International Assignment Solutions
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Our team provides comprehensive international assignment planning services, with particular attention paid to expat taxation. International assignment costs are contained through optimization of tax savings, minimization of tax and litigation risk, retention of expat employees, and avoidance of tax-related penalties.

International Assignment Planning Review

We conduct a review of your company's international assignment planning requirements, highlighting what needs to be done to ensure an effective and efficient roll-out of the international assignment.

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International Assignment Tax Review

We review international assignment tax policy with respect to appropriateness, thoroughness, compliance, optimization of international tax savings, and blending of host country and North American tax. Reviews encompass and report on organizational structure, employer withholding, remitting and reporting, as well as expat employee tax reporting.

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International Assignment Tax Program Development

We develop International Assignment Tax Programs to address the results of a Policy Review. Cross-border tax projections are developed to assist in setting compensation, research is conducted to determine host country tax obligations, and plans are made to ensure assignees' Canadian tax compliance.

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International Assignment Tax Compliance (Employer and Assignee)

Designated tax services provider, CompassTAX Chartered Accountants, handles assignee and employer assignment tax compliance, as part of corporations' Assignment Tax Programs. Steps are taken to ensure optimal utlization of available tax credits and blending of Canadian and host country taxation. Our tax professionals provide pre-departure and pre-entry tax counseling to assignees.

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International Assignment Policy Consultation and Development

We advise and assist in the development of international assignment policy in various aspects of assignment planning, including insurance, cultural adaptation, payroll, workforce planning, and immigration. As required, we provide referrals to our affiliates and preferred service providers.

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International Assignment Contract and Agreement Preparation

We assist in the development of employment agreements and various contracts for use on international assignments. Documentation of business relationships is important to Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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International Assignment Policy Documentation

We provide corporations with clear and concise documentation of international assignment policy to ensure that assignees are informed of the assignment policy that directly pertains to them, and that answers to their questions are easily accessible.

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Online International Assignment Guides

We document corporations' international assignment policy in secure web-based format. Online documentation is easily accessible from anywhere in the world by the company and assignees.

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