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CompassNAVIGATOR™ Publications for Assignment Managers
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Assignment Planning Preliminary Needs Assessment

Discuss the status of your assignment planning with us, in order to determine any gaps and provide direction to the process. Our checklist approach will ensure that your assignment planning is comprehensive and includes required Canadian and cross-border tax compliance.

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International Assignment Planning Checklists

Assignment managers can use this web-based product free of charge for international assignment planning, to ensure that all critical components of the process are addressed.


Taxation and Accounting Protocol Checklist for International Contract Negotiation

Helps to build a documented division of international tax responsibility between contractual parties, thus avoiding disputes and penalties resulting from a tax audit.

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Inbound Consultant Tax Guide

Outlines the tax process of bringing foreign-based consultants to Canada, including non-resident withholding tax requirements and a guide to delineating all tax responsibilities.

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Checklist for Doing Business Abroad

Details the steps which should be incorporated into your planning for starting up cross-border business.

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Assignment Tax Calendar 2006/2007

Provides key deadlines, action steps and helpful hints for international assignment managers and employees with Canadian companies.


CompassPOINTS™ e-Newsletter

Provides current information related to international assignment planning, expat taxation and containment of international assignment costs.

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CompassVOYAGER™ Publications for Assignees
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Pre-Departure Planning Checklist for Assignees

Prompts the assignee to complete all necessary tasks prior to departure on an international assignment, in order to ensure a smooth transition .

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Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Organizer for Assignees

This guide for expat employees departing for assignment in the United States outlines all of the information which should be gathered in order to obtain an ITIN.

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